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Hundvåg fysikalske institutte is a physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic on Hundvåg, that was initially established in 1984, so it has a long and successful history of offering excellent services to residents within the area over the last 40 years.  All of our clinicians are both highly educated, vastly experienced, and have worked across a wide spectrum of specialities and healthcare sectors.
Our team consists of the following expertise
Paediatric physiotherapist,
Psychomotoric physiotherapist
Manual therapist (this is the equivalent of an extended scope practitioner in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and NZL)
General physiotherapists
Massage therapist
Our general philosophy of care is to optimise health, function and to promote a pain limited lifestyle. In order to achieve this, we work closely with the individual’s needs, expectations, goals and requirements. Interventions used are evidence based and adhere to both national, European and world wide guidelines.
The majority of our team have a contract with Stavanger kommune, which means that treatment is subsidised and paid for by the state.  For more information on ‘egenandel’ and ‘frikort ordning’ please click on the following link
We also offer private treatment in the form of both physiotherapy and chiropractic’s, both Maren and Charlotte are our fantastic respective private physiotherapist and Chiropractor who accept all leading insurance companies.
If you have any further queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact via mail or phone

Our contact details as below:
Address: Austbøsletta 5, 4085 Hundvåg.

Telephone: 923 26 971


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